Cursive and Printing for All!

Hopefully you are all at home. Hopefully you still have your wits about you. One of the most priceless aspects of owning/running Lovely Somethings was getting to know each of you, especially the little ones. I've spoken about keeping the "Troop" alive but haven't exactly known how to or taken the time to think how to, but then things happen...gratefully I received a postcard from adorable little Parker. And rather than simply write her a reply I wanted to send something to her, and since I don't want to leave the house with the pandemic, what could I make her? Lightbulb! I looked up some cursive practice sheets and threw a little Troop Lovely Somethings flair on it. I'm not a teacher, and I don't know much about age ranges for things, so use your best judgement (you should see trying to shop for toys and clothes for my nieces, yikes!). Here is a link to download the Upper and Lowercase Alphabets, a blank practice page and letters A-G. I'll do the next chunk next week. I think St. Hilary's is the only school around still teaching cursive so hopefully lots of kids, and even adults enjoy this primer - now if only Blair would work on his...

Cursive Practice Sheets A-G >
Cursive Practice Sheets H-N >
Cursive Practice Sheets O-T >
Cursive Practice Sheets U-Z >

Printing Practice Sheets A-G >
Printing Practice Sheets H-N >
Printing Practice Sheets O-T >
Printing Practice Sheets U-Z >

Practice Sheet >

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