First Shipment/General Subscription Q&A

The time is 5:24am. I promised this site would be live tonight, and I think this still counts as I've yet to go to bed. I'm just so darn excited about your reactions to the first shipment! As I told a few of you, sending those babies out into the world felt very much the same as emailing design proofs to a client, where you cross all of your fingers and your toes hoping that they like it...

So to not ramble too much, we started this all on IndieGoGo, so we need to clarify a few things as we are now switching to this new system, all managed by us.

Q : Can I buy a box?
A : Yes, please! Though unfortunately you can not buy complete sets of the current shipment as it's a benefit of the subscriptions/pre-orders, but you can order the next shipment and/or order some of the EXTRAS of the current shipment (that will ship to you right away). CLICK HERE to view the first shipments (NO LONGER ABLE TO ORDER FULL SET) >

Q : When will the next shipment go out?
A : All orders must be received by the end of the current month. You will be charged on the 7th of the upcoming month, and they will ship on the 15th of that month. For the Gift Closet Box, that only goes out quarterly so you will be charged quarterly. If you're interested in the Gift Closet Box monthly, please email me: and if I get enough requests, I'll do it! So as of 5/12/20, the next shipments must be ordered by: May 31st for the June shipments of Troop LS Toolkit and Little Somethings Pack (charges on 6/7 and ships on 6/15) and by July 31 for the Summer (August) shipment of the Gift Closet Box (charges on 8/7 and ships on 8/15). CLICK HERE to view the first shipments (NO LONGER ABLE TO ORDER FULL SET) >

Q : Can I send this as a gift?
A : Yes! Thanks to this new site/programming, it should take great care of you.

Q : What if I already have a subscription through your IndieGoGo campaign?
A : If you only ordered it for one shipment, please order fresh through this site if you would like to continue receiving packages, as you should have just received your 1 shipment (or it's on its way). If you subscribed to multiple months through the IndieGoGo site, for the moment please do nothing regarding that subscription. We have thoseaccounted for, and are working on ways to add you into this system and will notify you by email, but feel free to order more as gifts, or get the other subscriptions.

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