Time to Launch: Troop Lovely Somethings Subscriptions

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Troop Lovely Somethings Subscription Boxes!

Oh my, and away we go. I wouldn't be me without apologizing for myself. I'm sorry for the shaky video, I swear I'll get a tripod if I ever have to do it again, though I don't know if I can survive editing more clips of myself ;)

You guys know the story...I had a dream, built the shop and one day it was all over. We made it through the insanely tough retail jungle for 5+ years and shuttered the shop in December 2019, gratefully just before this insane pandemic. BUT I'm still as passionate as ever about paper, and our makers, and providing it for all of you.

You've helped me fulfill my dreams and I'm sooooo grateful, so now I'd like to have the pretty paper and gifts arrive at your door and fun for the Little Somethings, too! 

What Is Needed & What You Get

We are still scraping by to cover the rent on the empty storefront and pay off shop debts, so we don't have the capital to order blindly PLUS that doesn't make the best business sense (always learning ;) ) so we need to ensure that enough people are interested as our wonderful makers have order minimums as well. 

PERKS: You can select one box/toolkit/pack or SAVE by ordering more (2 quarters for Gift Closet Boxes or 3 or 6 consecutive months for the Troop LS Toolkit or Little Somethings Pack). 

  • GIFT CLOSET BOX : 2-3 Gifts, Cards/Tags to accompany the gifts, Local Business Gift Card + SURPRISE(S) . Shipping Included - in a cardboard mailing box. [Order 1 or available quarterly, with a 2 quarter commitment (1 every 3 months)]
  • TROOP LS TOOLKIT : 4 Greeting Cards (1 is always a Birthday Card + 1 Thank You), Writing Utensil, 4 Postage Stamps, Local Business Gift Card + SURPRISE(S). Shipping Included - in a hard envelope. (Order 1 or available monthly, with a 3 or 6 month commitment)


  • LITTLE SOMETHINGS PACK : 3 Laminated Activity Sheets, Writing Utensil, Sticker(s), Small Gift, Local Business Gift Card + SURPRISE(S). Shipping Included - in a large hard envelope. (Order 1 or available monthly, with a 3 or 6 month commitment)

The Impact

I've always taken great pride in not just finding the best paper, but getting to know the makers and fellow shopkeepers.

  • Right now we are ALL hurting. Stores have canceled orders with artists as we are all home, plus you need something to make you smile and keep you busy at home, win-win.
  • PLUS I want to do everything I can to help our local storefronts, especially during these strange times. As I mention in the video, I will be purchasing gift cards from a local store front to include in the boxes so it impacts those shops twofold: 1. Income now from the gift card sales and 2. When you redeem the gift card, hopefully you will discover new treasures and consistently shop with them throughout the year. I've always said it: shop now where you want to shop next year and the year after.

Risks & Challenges

As always in this business there are not large margins. I honestly won't be making much money, not to mention the time to design the activity sheets and box/ship everything. But I needed to keep these accessible (as accessible as I could for the quality) so we need make sure that we sell 30+ of the Little Somethings Pack, 20 of the Troop LS Toolkit and 10 of the Gift Closet Boxes to make them a reality.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If none of the options sound right for you, give it as a gift!
  • Still not sold? Would you be so kind as to share my awkward video/social media posts, etc?:
  • Please follow the other store and makers as we share things and most importantly shop from them directly, too

You're simply the best! Better than all the rest...sorry just finished watching Schitt's Creek so am still humming that, finally done happy crying.

This campaign will only last for 14 days. If successful others will have the opportunity to subscribe after that, but give it a go:


All my love,
- Liz

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