Under 1 Roof

We live under 1 roof, so we finally decided to merge our Lovely Somethings + Akron Candle Company websites. This is now OUR baby - to learn more about how the individual businesses got started, read our ABOUT page. We've always had small roles in each other's businesses but it feels so good to be doing this together. Did you know I, Liz, did all of the design work for the candles? Did you know that Blair named our Troop Lovely Somethings Gift Closet Box

By joining our two sites, we are able to give you, the customer a more unified experience, quicker shipping times, and more diverse products. Let it be known that we worked literally side by side on this on the couch that we refer to as Carlton (inside joke) in our sunroom. Granted I am the one still up at 3 in the morning finishing it, but Blair still has 9-5 programmers hours, so he needs some zzzzzzs.

We are super excited to design new products for you, many of which will be available for WHOLESALE customers. In the meantime, please shop away here ONLINE, or at one of our stockists' LOCATIONS.

Another fun tidbit, the #justpeachy candle was the first idea for a candle as I wanted that combination for the Lovely Somethings store, but #coffeedoodle was the first scent that Blair nailed down his formulation. I could go on, but just one more: deep in depths of Blair's mancave, aka The Candle Making Room, is a tin for something Blair lovingly calls his Fruit Punch candle. It's awful! This was the one time I remember I remember walking into the house after being gone all day and being hit was a scent that I couldn't escape. Imagine if Yankee Candle mixed all of their scents - though I suppose that's how I feel when I walk into their stores. I digress. Moral of that story is, it all takes a lot of work from the idea, to finding the right scent combinations, to hiding terrible candles where he will hopefully never find them but I can still plead "I didn't throw it away!".

Thanks for supporting all of our crazy notions!


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