Care a Lot Troop LS Toolkit

Care a Lot Troop LS Toolkit

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ORDER NOW FOR THIS ONE TIME SHIPMENT!  Shipped end of November (aiming before Thanksgiving).


This mailer box with greeting cards curated by Liz Scott from the highest quality artisans around the country, contains 20 Cards. Plus learn about a couple of my favorite writing utensils and some tips and tricks too. You'll never have to scramble for stamps, just apply one of the 20 included and drop it in the mail. These are NOT holiday cards, there may be one or two, but mostly all occasions.

AGAIN, THIS IS A ONE TIME PURCHASE: All orders must be received by the end of Sunday, October 25, 2020. We are done with our subscription boxes, consider this a "pop up" box - not sure if we will do it again or not. We must have 10 people order in order to proceed with these, so please order. If we do not hit that minimum, you will be refunded on October 26th, 2020.


    • Duo of Writing Utensils
  • Postal Stamps (20)
  • Greeting Cards (20)
  • And knowing me, a surprise
  • Includes Shipping


  • Sapling Press
  • Ladyfingers Letterpress
  • Moglea
  • Hartland Brooklyn
  • 1canoe2
  • Heartell Press
  • Bench Pressed
  • Hazelmade
  • Mr. Boddington

    Why we made the change:
    We had a storefront for 5+ years and know how hard every single hour of every single day is. We created the past 6 months of subscription boxes 1. in response to people still trying to find merchandise we carried, and 2. because we are all stuck in our homes for quarantine and could use some surprises of loveliness. Creating the monthly subscriptions was awesome when I was laid off, but now I'm working around the clock and need something more manageable but that is still as way to connect with you customers/friends and our makers. (TO REITERATE, THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION, IT IS A ONE TIME PURCHASE). So now you can stash up for 6 months, and if it flies I'll consider doing it again in the spring/summer. These makers are amazing people that I've met along the way, from buying trips across the country PLUS amazing artists from here in Akron and Cleveland. THE MONEY STAYS IN SMALL BUSINESSES.