Little Somethings Pack

Little Somethings Pack

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Let's keep KIDS busy and thriving! This hard envelope will contain hours of fun with a little note to your little one. Not only will it have some of my most loved tools, it will encourage them to seek out fun around the house on their own. All items are carefully curated by Liz Scott from the highest quality artisans around the country.  Either purchase just 1 or subscribe to it MONTHLY.

FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS: All orders must be received by the end of the current month. You will be charged on the 7th of the upcoming month, and they will ship on the 15th of that month.
Included :
  • Writing Utensil
  • Sticker(s)
  • Laminated Activity Sheet (3)
  • Small Gift
  • Local Business Gift Card

Why the local business gift cards are so important to us:
We had a storefront for 5+ years and know how hard every single hour of every single day is. We created these boxes 1. in response to people still trying to find merchandise we carried, 2. because we are all stuck in our homes for quarantine and could use some surprises of loveliness and most importantly: 3. because businesses have had to shut down, this was our way to inject money into their tills, twofold. First we purchase the gift cards at full value from the Local Business, so they have one MAJOR sale for the day, and then secondly, we hope you will redeem that card and not only potentially discover somewhere new but do MORE SHOPPING there. These are amazing people that I've met along the way, and I want to see their shops around for as long as they want to be! THE MONEY STAYS IN AKRON/CLEVELAND. We purchased 83 gift cards for our first box! Let's beat it this month...